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Abby Johnson - Hurt After Abortion Quote

Abby Johnson

“Women share their stories with me every day. We needed a safe place for women to share, connect with healing resources, and be empowered by raising their voices. So many women struggle with the emotional and even physical pain that abortion has caused in their lives. It is time that we find the commonalities in our stories, rise up and heal together. Let’s hold the abortion industry accountable. You have a right to justice and healing.

If you’ve been hurt by abortion, we want to hear from you and we want to help you.”

We will assist you in making a request for your medical records.

 We offer a referral to an options-based approach to emotional and spiritual healing for women who would like to process their experience and be restored from the impact that abortion has had on their life.

We provide a referral for legal consultation and if the attorneys decide to take your case customarily their services will be free of charge. If your rights have been violated, we will assist you in seeking justice.


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