It’s back to school time, and while parents are busy getting new backpacks, school supplies, and outfits for their kids, abortion providers are pushing comprehensive sexual education on our kids. Yep, take a moment to check out the breakdown of states and what they are teaching in our schools. For example, in an article written by Planned Parenthood, this is what they say:


Because sex education laws and policies are developed at the state and local level, quality sex education (and Planned Parenthood’s role in providing it) is constantly under attack. Legislators have used a variety of tactics to limit access to sex education, promote conservative values, and anti-abortion messages through sex education, and push Planned Parenthood sex educators out of schools.


In 2020, Planned Parenthood’s Healthcare expenses amounted to $171,317,350 which included $130,365,194 in grants. Their revenue from this alone was $286,765. Their Education expenses were $4,324,740 including grants of $2,397,883. Their revenue from this endeavor was $37,199.

On their 990 Tax Form, it states Education ­ Programs designed to educate the public regarding reproductive health. Quality reproductive healthcare for all.


Why is Planned Parenthood so eager to get into schools? Because the sooner they can educate, the earlier they can see more patients. But, this is not all! They take it a step farther. In fall 2019, California passed a bill to make medication abortion available at college student health centers! The name of this is called Senate Bill 24. Governor Gavin Newsom approved it in October 2019.


Planned Parenthood is not only strategic but also business savvy. You would think that as big as California is, they would have a lot of abortion numbers to report. Especially if abortions are now offered on college campuses, think again! California also does not report its abortion numbers to the CDC, so the number of abortions in this state is unknown. If you look on the Guttmacher website, you won’t see California listed at all! We also have no way of tracking complications.


Why the deception? Why the hard push for our kids to learn sex education so young? Our advice is to keep a keen eye on what your kids are learning in school. Make sure you’re talking to your kids and asking open-ended questions about what they are learning and who is talking to them. It doesn’t matter if they’re in elementary or college. Your kids still need you. We live in a crazy world, and if our kids ever needed protection, it would be now!







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